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Using a tool that identifies how you and the people around you prefer to communicate based on your seven thinking and behaving attributes that everyone has (but not many know about). 


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Learning how to communicate with your coworkers, your family, and yourself will all bring more ease to your life. Which one do you want to start with?

I’d love to host a Meeting of the Minds with your employees. This workshop helps create an engaging, productive workplace culture. You will:

Receive an overview of Emergenetics and the principles behind the thinking and behavioral attributes you have

Learn about your innate strengths through your preferred ways of how you think and behave

Get applications to use in work and life

Learn what your behavioral attributes are and what most people will FIRST see about you

Learn the ways in which you think that can be mysterious to others

Receive your own Custom Narrative Report with your personal results


Your coworkers

Whether you’re a business owner, co-owner, team leader, manager, or assistant, you can always develop your understanding of your coworkers and build better cooperation and communication.

 I’d love to introduce you to the tool that has changed my life and the lives of families just like yours. We will use this tool to not only find your strengths, but the strengths of each member in your family. With that information, we will walk through understanding how each family member prefers to think and behave. You will:

Improve your understanding of yourself, your family members, and how you interact with each other.

Gain insights into motivations and techniques to improve communication.

Build personal strategies that strengthen awareness and connection.


Your FAMily

Mom, I totally get it. You’ve had to do a lot these past few years. Your workload is huge, and the busier you are, the harder it is to communicate effectively with your spouse and children. It’s time to stop feeling disconnected and start getting along better.

Let me help you start to understand yourself better! By using this tool, I can help you gain insight on how you prefer to think and behave, which is the first step to improving and strengthening your communication and relationships with others. You’re going to learn:

How to build personal strategies that strengthen awareness and connection

The seven thinking and behaving attributes you have that make up your unique mom brain

The science behind these attributes and how they play a role in your everyday life



Are you feeling like you’re never off the clock? That maybe you’re stuck meeting the needs of everyone else, except your own? I’ve been there too. Being a mom is hard work!

The importance of understanding how you prefer to communicate with others

More about your individual profile and what your preferred thinking and behaving attributes are.

Hi, I’m Chelsea!

It’s great to meet you.

I’m passionate about helping women like you change their relationships through better communication and understanding. You have to communicate with a lot of people, and it can be overwhelming to know how to best talk to all of them. With my expertise in Human Services and Sociology, paired with a Masters Degree in Social Work, I know how to help families and coworkers master the art of communication. I’d love to help you move towards healthier relationships in the many areas of your life.

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You might be thinking, “Wait, I need help in all of those areas!” And honestly, you’d be right. Let’s get connected and see the best place to start for you!

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“Chelsea is a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. Working with her was so beneficial for our business, CWCC. I would also recommend this process to strengthen relationships with families and help them understand their strengths and differences to better relate to one another. I’m looking forward to Chelsea working with me and my family.”

Amber B

"Engaging Chelsea to lead this workshop for me and my team was an invaluable experience that lent itself to a new understanding and appreciation for one another.  We learned how to maximize our personal preferences to form a more dynamic partnership and cohesive team. Chelsea gave us a birds eye view of our individual preferences and helped us understand the "why" behind some of our behaviors.  Based on the profile results, and along with Chelsea's professional insights, we are now more productive and work holistically to best serve our clients."

Jessica u.

“As a stay-home mom I sometimes forget to focus on my self-care and so Chelsea’s coaching really helped me focus on trying to make myself better and happier. As a wife and mother it is important for me to know who I am as a person and understand the reasons as to why I behave and react to certain life experiences and the emergenetics profile really helped me understand that. The profile really showed me how I as a person communicate and interact with others.” 


“Chelsea’s coaching helped me and my business partner see our similarities and differences out on paper, in front of us so we could better understand where to support each other and how to lean on each other in areas where we compliment each other. This has helped grow our relationship which is incredibly important to running a successful private practice business.”

Christine G.